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The wake of this pandemic came with much heat for most of the businesses. Industries such as airlines, hospitality, and events manufacturing got it the worst. Hence, to get ahead of this situation, you need to have robust marketing strategies for your small business in 2020. It is almost impossible to anticipate when a crisis will hit your business; you can ensure and take the right measures so that you can swiftly combat this kind of situation. If your offline marketing technique is not working, then you need to adopt a digital marketing strategy to get more clients and outshine in your business during a recession. A bigger question rises in your mind about how to market your local business during this crisis.

Some of the crisis marketing strategies are given below for the businesses to overcome the crisis-

1. Who is your customer? – You must find out your existing as well as potential customers and do proper research about who your target customer is. It would help if you always kept in mind that your customer’s base has not changed during this crisis; instead, they are the same people you were targeting before.
2. Where do your customers live? – I am not talking about where they physically live. I am talking where they are digitally, where is their attention? It would be best if you noticed where they mostly spend their long hours, is it looking at emails, browsing various social networking sites, or any live events.
3. Communicate with them where they are- In the time of crisis, the market is volatile, and the consumer behavior is unexpected, so their business will face sudden fluctuations. Hence, a clear communication policy is not enough; in this case, you need a solid cold email strategy for your clients with the best-customized subject lines.
4. Rework your highest converting campaign for the new channel- You should use your past successful marketing activities, digitize them because your customers still need your product and services.
5. Learn and improve- Learn from your previous cold emails. Check the subject line if no opens, check the body of the email if there were no replies, redo your offer if there were no buys.

Thus, in the end, it can be discussed that though the outbreak has shaken the economy, there is still hope on the horizon. As there is no possible outcome for the business to run their offline businesses, they must focus on digital marketing during a crisis. You should make sure that your business can be found online. In a fluid situation, your business should also be liquid, and you should always find ways to connect with your customers like never before.

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