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SEO Google 1st Page

SEO Google 1st Page


We provide you High Quality of backlinks service with real results. We understand that you need TOP rankings for your keywords and trying to improve your website ranking.

Search engine optimization with Webemart is amazingly simple.  Within a short time you complete the basic steps. Our service is Safe with Whitehat strategy and increase Domain Authority. your rankings will steadily improve as you constantly optimize your site.

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How Google (And Other Search Engines) Work?

The first thing you should realize about Google is that Google is NOT the Internet. Just because your website does not show up on Google, does not mean it is not on the Internet. Your website can be published live on the Internet without being displayed in Google’s search results for a particular keyword.

Don’t like reading? Get the same info via video:

The way Google and other search engines display websites is this: Google has automated computer systems working around the clock that randomly visit websites all over the Internet, take snapshots of each page, and file them away in a massive database.

As part of taking a snapshot of each web page, Google’s system reads every word and other content on a web page (like photos, videos, audio files, etc) in order to determine the specific subject of the page. Google uses this collected data to determine which web pages to show, and in what order, for a particular keyword search.

In other words, Google’s computer algorithms dynamically determine which web page on the Internet is the most relevant for a specific keyword or key phrase and displays it first. It then displays the second most relevant page, and so on. The resulting list of web pages is known as a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

What you will get with this service?

  • 30 High-quality backlinks from 15 High PR web 2.0 sites. I will post a unique version of an article that is relevant to your niche to each web 2.0 site. All the web 2.0 sites have PR 4+ and are do-follow.
  • 10 High-quality backlinks from PR 2+ social bookmarking sites. The title and description will be spin each time before posting.
  • 5 to 10 High-quality do-follow backlinks from 5 PR 2+ Article directories. We will collect an article from scraper and then spin it. If you have your own article then you can provide us for the campaign.
  • 5000 wiki Backlinks on tier-2 which will be drip feed for 1 month to give this campaign more power. “You will get a complete report of all tier-1 backlinks excluding wiki links”.
  • We will also put our strong Google ranking strategy with this campaign to make your site top for targeted keywords. No reports will be provided for the hidden strategy as the backlinks will be placed on our private blog network and promoted through high authority personal social media accounts. This includes promotion in private blog networks, social media sites and popular social networking sites.​Here we will build your social link popularity to BOOST your ranking.

Why you should order from us?

We will give you 4 strong reasons to order our service rather than others:

  • All our backlinks are built manually with only High PR sites and use unique content. That’s the key Google really wants.
  • We do both Link building and social promotion. We take your SEO campaign 1 step advanced from your competitors.
  • Our backlinks strategy is panda + penguin friendly. Your site is safe with us. Not a single spam link we will build for you. Each and every backlink will carry high quality.
  • Our quick indexing method will get your site’s top ranking within a few weeks. No need to wait for months. ​


Our guarantee:

  • You will get all the live backlinks with high PR sites. The backlinks will stay forever. You will get a reasonable increase in ranking as per your expectation within 20-25 days after we deliver the project (At least the ranking for 1 keyword will definitely increase). The site should be properly optimized for the given keywords and the keywords should be low/medium competitive.
  • You have to follow our on-page SEO suggestions as Google considers this thing very much for ranking above link building. Also, new sites’ less than 4-5 months with no backlinks need lots of effort to see at ranking so please be genuine in this case.

Before you place an order please read it:

  • The increase in ranking will depend upon the current ranking. Don’t expect to get 1st-page ranking with only 1 campaign for High competitive keywords. You may need 2-3 campaigns to achieve 1st page on GOOGLE.
  • Please check on-page SEO before ordering this service. If you are not sure just send us a message with your 3 keywords and website url, We will give you free seo suggestion.
  • Within 12 days we will do your SEO campaign and deliver the backlinks report. The effect can be seen within next 3 weeks after that. Please don’t expect ranking after 1 day of delivery the campaign. Also new backlinks take minimum 2 weeks of time to index naturally on Google.
  • Each and every keyword has a different competition level on Google. Thousands of people do SEO for a single keyword. You are not alone in the race. Your competition may be hiring big SEO companies by investing hundreds of dollars monthly.
  • Everyone knows that Google’s 1st page ranking means “JACKPOT”. You can’t compare a 55$ SEO service with 500$ SEO pack. Instead of this we put our full effort on every campaign to boost clients ranking.
  • We have 90% success results and the rest are too competitive. We do all the backlinks manually and safely. So that your site will be safe and rank well. Some clients never try to understand these things and leave us bad feedbacks without consulting with us.
  • We are here to help you. So cooperate with us, Discuss your goal and project with us. We will be happy to help you in a right way. I am a generous person. So please be genuine with me and the SEO. If you understand how SEO really works than we are here to help you in the best way.
  • If you don’t follow the SEO in a right way and insist on your wrong SEO thoughts than soon you will be out of the business.


Please Note:

  • Within 12 days we will do your SEO campaign and deliver the backlinks report. The effect can be seen within the next 3 weeks after that.
  • Please don’t expect ranking after 1 day of delivery of the campaign. Also, new backlinks take minimum 2 weeks of time to index naturally on Google.
  • The keywords should be more than 2 phrases & low/medium competitive for better results. Single phrase keywords are highly competitive.
  • The webpage should be properly on-page optimized for the given keywords for the best result.
  • If you are doing SEO for first time then the results won’t be great as SEO takes time to show it’s effect.
  • Please provide only low competitive keywords for this service. This service can’t help you rank for high competitive keywords.
  • Please note- Some Orders are showing Late. It is due to incomplete information from buyers. So we have held those orders until we get the required information to start their project. Orders with complete information are delivered on time.

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